We’ve got answers

+ 1. What makes ForeverLawn® Austin superior to other artificial grasses?

ForeverLawn Austin provides premium artificial grass built on the ForeverLawn proprietary technological platform ensuring quality from the ground up.

ForeverLawn Austin provides more than top quality synthetic turf. We are committed to honesty, integrity, and innovation. Our industry leading ForeverLawn Closed Loop Warranty System ensures you are investing with the best artificial grass company in the business.

+ 2. Is ForeverLawn pet friendly?

ABSOLUTELY! K9Grass® is man’s other best friend. The short, dense blade structure coupled with the flow-through backing quickly drains away urine, and the antimicrobial agent protects the yard from stains and odors.

+ 3. Will pet waste harm ForeverLawn?

No! K9Grass is completely washable. Simply dispose of feces and spray the turf to clean it. The synthetic nature of the materials deters bugs as it contains no organic materials for feeding—simply put: goodbye fleas!

+ 4. Will my ForeverLawn fade?

Over time, synthetic grass can fade. However, ForeverLawn is treated with a UV inhibitor to slow down fading. Fading is covered in our warranty as well.

+ 5. Do you have a warranty?

Yes, our warranty covers fade and excessive wear for 10 years, but we expect ForeverLawn to last 12-15 years or longer.

+ 6. How is the grass priced?

ForeverLawn is generally priced by the square foot, length times width of the area.

+ 7. How much does ForeverLawn cost?

Many factors go into the pricing of a ForeverLawn project, call for a free estimate today! Call today for a free estimate and we will send a dedicated sales person to your home or business!

+ 8. Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for further information.

+ 9. Will ForeverLawn drain?

YES! The grass is perforated to allow water to pass through and into the drainable layers below the surface. While ForeverLawn doesn’t solve serious drainage issues, our turf does drain at a rainfall rate of 30” per hour (which is more than it has ever rained in Texas.) Consult a licensed irrigation, drainage expert for serious drainage issues prior to your installation.

+ 10. How hot does ForeverLawn get?

The grass does not stay as cool as natural grass. However, it does not radiate heat like concrete, metal, or stone. It cools off quickly with water, or on a cloudy day.

+ 11. Can ForeverLawn catch on fire?

No! The turf is non-flammable.

+ 12. How much water could I save month-to-month with ForeverLawn?

According to water statistics, you would save 75% of your monthly water bill. In some cases, we have seen water bills reduce as much as 80%. Many factors go into your return on investment when you choose synthetic turf, but water bills and mowing / maintenance are generally eliminated, which saves you time and money!

+ 13. What if I spill paint on the grass?

ForeverLawn is made of nonabsorbent materials that would allow you to clean any spill without staining. You will receive a care guide once your ForeverLawn is installed.

+ 14. Will ForeverLawn harbor any bugs, like fleas or mosquitos?

In most cases, fleas, ticks and other pesky bugs will move on to a natural field or soil, after the removal of organic materials during the ground prep of our installations. We have seen many backyards that were infested with mosquitoes become mosquito free overnight.